Mihovilići 15, Vantačići
51511 Malinska

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Pizzeria.jpgPjesacka staza pogled sa tla smanjena.jpgPjesacka staza.jpgPlaza veca pogled s istoka.jpgPlaza veca pogled sa zapada.jpgPlaze u Vant pogled s istoka.jpgPogled iz zraka sa mora_strelica.jpg
Zaljev u Vantacima zracna.jpgZracna vidi se i Malinska.jpgKuca istok1.jpgKuca zapad1.jpg

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from 10.08. till 16.08.  and from 11.08. till 14.08.


About destination

Vantačići iz zraka

Vantačići is situated on the shore of the forested bay between Malinska (2 km) and Porat (1 km) ...


Marina Vantacici

Marina Vantačići




Malinska was discovered even by the Austrian nobility led by Rudolf von Habsburg ...


Krk is the largest and northernmost island in the Adriatic sea. It's located on the 45th parallel north ...



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